[Past Boxes #3] march Getsu Box

by - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Here are the products we included in March Getsu Box!
The selected theme for the month of March is Sakura / Cherry blossom to welcome the spring season!
All products included are in full sizes, we've been adding full sizes over the past few months and will try to keep on doing so!
Clear  Turn  White  Mask  Hyaluronic  Acid  5PCS

Pamper yourself and keep your skin well hydrated while enjoying the scent of cherry blossom with this popular mask from Kose. 
This sheet mask is made from Bemliese which is a pure, anti-irritant sheet made oiginally from cotton. Each sheet mask contains 22ml essence which is formulated with provitamin B5GL, hyaluronic acid and sakura extract.
The said extract has beneficial effects on the skin, including anti-glycation, stimulation of fibroblast collagen production, moisturizing, whitening and other beautifying and anti-aging benefits.
Canmake Wink Glow #2 Sakura Mauve

Add some color to your eyes with this glossy eyeshadow housed in a tube for portability. 
The Sakura Mauve shade is a smoky pink, fitting for a more mature look but can also be worn on a daily basis depending on how you apply it.
This can be worn as a single eyeshadow because it has a good color pay off and can be also be used for gradation by building up the intensity on parts where you want a deeper color.
The pearls are fine textured which is why it is a lot easier to spread on your eyelids. It also contains a lot of beautifying ingredients and won't wear off easily because of its sweat and waterproof formula.
Shiseido Water in Lip Sakura

Every girl's staple make up product, a lip balm to prevent chapped lips! A specialized lip balm from the largest cosmetic company in Japan, Shiseido, contains spa water from Italy and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish lips. 
People who are sensitive to scent can feel at ease as this lip balm is light scented. This i s a perfect addition to this box because it gives off a sakura color or light pink sheen and also contains sakura powder that gives extra nourishment to your lips.
Lux Sakura Dream Body Wash 280G

Spring in Japan has always been special not only for the locals but also for the tourists from other countries who pays a visit just to witness the beautiful cherry blossom and now you can also enjoy the delightful fragrance of fully bloomed Sakura flowers in the comfort of your home with this body wash from Lux. 
This features the refined and precious fragrance of rich floral bouquet of pink flowers and soft and fruity notes, capturing the fleeting nature of the evanescent cherry blossom.
Ichikami Treatment oil 50ml

We surely don't want to miss this chance to send you a product from one of the most popular Japanese hair care brand in the Asian beauty community, Ichikami. Not only will this product make your hair unbelievably smooth and shiny but it will also protect it from the harmful UV and prevent damage to keep your hair beautiful and strong! This has some notable ingredients that can definitely be beneficial for your crowning glory and of course, it has sakura scent.
Sakura Castella Cake / Cookie

This is probably the most anticipated product in Getsu Box, the snack! And because we are aware pf that fact, we were quite stoked on what we should include in this Sakura themed box. We have already tried chocolates a number of times, we even tried rice crackers and tea for New Year and we want to opt for something different hence why we chose 2 different snack this time. Type of snack will be sent at random.

You may not be physically here in Japan to enjoy all the cherry blossom goodness but we hope you could feel its presence and beauty with this month's Getsu Box theme!

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