Mascara Ranking from LDK Magazine

by - Thursday, May 31, 2018

LDK Magazine, one of the popular mags in Japan has conducted a test and made a ranking about mascaras to see which one stands out the most!
Here's the list of the test they did and they graded each mascara to see which one excels in these categories:
Test 1 : Application
Test 2 : Length
Test 3 : Longevity 
Test 4 : Easy to remove 

Some are tied in scores. As you can see from the photo above, 5 mascaras are on the number 3 spot!

Now onto the list!
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BCL Browlash Neo Lash Up Mascara Long is a mascara enriched with ultra-light fibres that thicken and separate the lashes, as well as shape memory wax that locks in curls for up to 24 hours. The 3D brush evenly applies the formula for perfectly separated lashes and a wide-eyed look. The formula dries quickly, and is resistant to smudges, sweat and tears to keep a clear line all day. It is easily removed with lukewarm water.

2. Maybelline Lashionista N

A mascara to coat each eyelash, curl upwards and elongate them with Eyelash Pack/Film complex. Nurture your eyelashes while applying this mascara. The featured 4mm fibers create long lashes. The Just Fit Brush coats each eyelash evenly to avoid clumping. Can be removed with warm water. Film type.

A film-type mascara that achieves beautifully separated eyelashes with the added thickness and length of eyelash extensions.
Creates a fuller, striking eye makeup appearance.

New formula. 2 shades. Make your own lashes look even longer with this liquid lash extension mascara. The liquid is smoother and adheres to the lashes more easily. The brush has also been improved, and the fibers extend the lashed even more, for a more elongated finish. It easily comes off with warm water without causing any burden on the eyes.

The mascara makes it seem as if your own lashes have grown longerin a single application. Though natural-looking, it creates voluminous, dramatic eyes. It creates elegant, long lashes to boost confidence.

New design! Elongates lashes with every stroke. Can easily be removed with warm water.

A mascara with both the benefits of a film type and waterproof formula. With excellent durability, this mascara will not bleed or flake and can be easily removed with your regular face wash. The formula dries instantly when applied, firmly setting the eyelashes curled and is long lasting. The 4 serum ingredients; camellia oil, argan oil, royal jelly extract, wild rose oil (eyelash protecting ingredient) will offer a makeup and treatment effect. Features "Spoon Brush" that distributes more product and creates eyelashes thick at the roots but thin and beautiful at the tips for a voluminous feeling.


Mascara with staying power. Vows to look pretty for 24 hours without a smudge or smear. Lasts through rain, sweat, humidity, tears. Yet the formula removes easily with warm water. Unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest lashes.

This mascara offers volume and length, featuring a formula that coats each lash evenly without clumping up. It has a smooth texture that glides smoothly onto your lashes. It creates dramatically elongated, elegant lashes. 

Renewed. Mascara for eyelashes that stand out naturally and beautifully. A new prescription for natural length without the use of fibers. The brush is now even more slim and easily reaches the roots and separates the eyelashes one by one. Removable with warm water. 


This new serum mascara uses no wax and contains more ingredients to nourish the lashes, featuring both skincare and makeup properties. The wax-free formula has a light, weightless finish that feels as if you’re wearing nothing, providing dark, rich black pigmentation and creating beautifully separated, long lashes. Contains castor seed oil, argan oil, and camellia oil that are carefully selected from all over the world. 

11.  LANCÔME Virtuose Doll Eyes

Developed for Japanese women, this lighter-than-water Fiber Shine formula lengthens and beautifies each and every lash. With more hydrophobic polymer than ever before, this formula doesn't smear but comes off clean. With every application, it gets longer and longer, creating curled eyelashes for a dramatic look.

This is a mascara that lengthens your lashes while giving them all-day curl. It contains jet black fibers that intertwine with the lengthening component of the liquid, so it has double the lengthening effect. It helps your lashes expand their width while also separating and defining. It is a film-type mascara that can be removed with hot water. 

This mascara contains Good Curl ingredients that form a thick, even veil for a fanned-out finish with beautiful curls. The firm lash long fiber will lead to a long, beautiful eyelashes yet looks like a natural eyelash. Though smudge-proof, it is a film type that can be removed easily with warm water. It contains Collage-Pack ingredients to nourish your lashes during its wear.

This lengthening mascara contains diamond (hydrating diamond powder) to create a dewy, glossy finish. Also contains Long Forming Polymer and extension fiber that blend in beautifully, spreading the product smoothly, creating lashes that elongates beautifully the more you apply. Curl & Keep Wax and Lift Up Polymer curl the lashes from the roots, and coats them beautifully to create a fanned-out finish. Removable with warm water. Smudge-proof & waterproof for a smudge-free finish. Creates a mature, elegant finish. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you agree with the ranking?

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