[Past Boxes #2] February Getsu Box

by - Sunday, February 11, 2018

It's February and we decided to add some pink treats for the second box of the year!

This box contains a total of 6 full sized products, 3 for skincare, 2 cosmetics and a box of strawberry flavored Pocky that is perfect for Valentine's day because of of its heart shape.

To buy the full sized version of the products in this box, click on the name of the product below and you will be redirected to our shop.

Kanebo Evita Creamy Soap in Rose scent 130g Limited Edition 
You may already be familiar with this brand because it made quite a huge buzz back in the 3rd quarter of 2016 for releasing a cleanser that has been dubbed as the "prettiest cleansing foam" for the reason that the dense foam turns into a shape of a lovely rose when dispensed. 
Though not really given that much attention, this Creamy Soap comes from the same line as the Beauty Whip Soap and was originally launched unscented but they came out with a rose scented version possibly because of the popularity the Beauty Whip Foam received. They may have made the right choice as this product is very hard to get a hold of and almost always sold out, at least in Yokohama. 
With that being said, you can now effectively wash away the dirt, impurities, oil and make up without stripping all the moisture in your skin, fight aging and also enjoy a light rose scent with this cleansing foam from Evita.

Have no time or feeling lazy to continue your skincare routine? We've got you covered, this acts not only as a mask but also as a toner, emulsion, serum and cream! The shape of this sheet mask was developed after detailed research of the sizes of Japanese women's face and it is made with 3 layer construction to hold ample amounts of serum.
No need to worry about dryness anymore and you can get supple and plump skin as a plus with this sheet mask. Good for 8 days and is also available in a bigger size box type packaging that contains 46 sheets. Has a soft fruity floral scent.

Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip 
We're done with the face and we can't just leave your lips feeling dry, can we? This highly moisturizing lip cream melts into your skin temperature, blending into your lips and protects them with moisture in just a single stroke. The Moist Bank technology leaves your lips with a smooth, comfortable cream-like feel. This lip balm contains ceramide 1, ceramide 2, ceramide 6 II providing long lasting moisture for more luscious looking lips.

Look more youthful and fresh by applying some subtle color on the apple of your cheeks with this powder type blush from Cezanne. Lightly sweep the brush on your cheeks for a more natural looking make up look, perfect for daily use.

This contains fruit derived AHA such as lactic, citric and malic acids. It balss up upon contact with skin and turns into grayish colored lumps the more you gently rub it onto your face meaning that dirt and dead skin are coming off.
Allow your skincare products to absorb more easily and help make up go on smoothly and adhere better with this hydrating physical exfoliator! 

Pocky  Heartful  Strawberry  Flavor  2  packs
Strawberry flavored Pocky with a heart shaped end, perfect for the love month! These stick type biscuits are covered with delicious strawberry frosting with dried strawbery pieces for a more intense flavor. Enjoy 2 packs of the most famous Japanese snack this Valetine's!

These are the products that are included in the February Getsu box of 2018!
Please look forward to the March Getsu Box that has another fun theme.
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We hope to bring you the best of Jbeauty with our Getsu Box!

Have a nice day!

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