[Past Boxes #1] January Getsu Box

by - Thursday, January 11, 2018

It's 2018!
This is the first time that we will be sharing the contents of our subscription box here in our official blog. If you would like this to be a thing, do let us know!

The January Getsu Box has a total of 8 products ranging from skincare, cosmetic, body care, supplement and snack. 
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Tired eyes? Having a hard time sleeping? We’ve got you covered! 
Enjoy a 10 minute relaxation with this eye mask that has the scent of 
yuzu which can help you refresh and calm your senses. All you need to do is to tear along the perforated line and place the ear strap 
around your ears as the mask gradually warms up. This is very convenient to use and is available in 5 scents.


A translucent powder that can be used at any time of the day. This pact doesn't offer a great coverage because it is a clear powder but it is very fitting to those who have bright skin because of it's brightening properties and also to those who want their pores to be less noticeable because this has blurring effect! Setting your make up with this powder is also another way to use it. Aside from it being useful as a cosmetic product it is also aided with skincare properties as it contains 5 moisturizing ingredients and also sebum absorbing agents to keep skin looking silky and smooth. Canmake says you can wear this to sleep but removing make up before going to bed is still the best way to achieve better looking skin.


This cream has a rich texture that maintains its moisturizing effect, yet it does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin, allowing you to use it
any time of the day. Not only thoroughly moisturizing, this cream also gives you a refreshing scent of yuzu fruit.


Applied at the end of your skin care routine, this intensive sleeping pack helps care for skin disrupted by lack of sleep, stress, and a 
hectic lifestyle. When you wake up, you will find this gel pack has left your skin refreshed, helping your makeup go on more easily. Made
with a Rice Milk Complex from the super food brown rice, with a high concentration of rice fermentation extract. For luminous, hydrated
 skin. The "wrapping gel" seals freshness into the skin, locking in the beauty serum ingredients while you sleep.

Argelan Body Soap in Moist and Refresh Series 
Damask Rose Germanium and Tea Tree Grapefruit

Made in Japan with organic raw materials from India. Soap nuts are the primary ingredient in this wash. The pulp of these nuts produce a
 lather when it comes in contact with water - nature's soap! Argelan uses nuts procured from the world's largest organic farm in Southern 
 India to create this all natural body wash! This body wash will clean your pores of dirt without stripping your skin of natural oils. It's safe to 
 use on sensitive skin. This product does not contain silicones, sodium laureth sulphates, animal derived products, mineral oil, paraffins & 
 no artificial colours.

For 30 days $19.90

Most people in Japan take supplements hence why we decided to introduce it through our boxes. In the previous Getsu Box, we added 2 sachets of  a famous collagen powder. This time it's placenta in tablets, good for 20 days of usage. One pack contains a total of 60 tablets, you must take 3 tablets a day. You can either choose to take it after breakfast or before heading to bed. Placenta is nutritious and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that will give you more energy, balance your system and keep you skin looking young. If you are pregnant or have any illness, please consult a doctor prior to taking this supplement.

Kombucha tea and rice crakers 

Tea and biscuits usually goes hand in hand in other countries but that isn't the norm in Japan as teas and rice crackers are usually paired together and offered as refreshments to house guests. If you're familair with our previous boxes, you will notice that we have always added chocolates as snacks but we decided to opt for a change in this box and chose to include something traditional in an attempt to show you more of the Japanese culture.

These are the products that are included in the first box of 2018!
Please look forward to the February Getsu Box.
Check the related items if you want to subscribe to 3,6 or 12 months.

Have a nice day!

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